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Fixed Equipment Management module 


Fixed Equipment Management Module of Pixie CRM helps in the management of the assets, improves efficiency and helps in financial arrangements by avoiding unnecessary equipment purchases. This module provides important details such as check-in and check outs, a location of the assets, depreciation, audit, maintenance schedule, date of return of the assets among other details.

This module is automated and helps an organization to improve on planning. Furthermore, this module assists with the most unexpected repairs and other issues with the property. It reduces labor cost by automating the calculation of assets depreciation which may be costly when done manually.


Screenshots of Live Application:


key features

  • Fixed Equipments

    Dashboard: Assets Overview, Asset by status, Asset categories,...

    Asset Management

    Licenses Management

    Accessories Management

    Consumables Management

    Components Management

    Check In/Check Out

    Sign Management

    Export PDF for Check In/ Check Out

    Bulk Upload

    Predefined Kits Management

    Request Management

    Maintenances Management

    Audit Management

    QR-Code scanning from the camera when auditing


    Location Management



    General Settings

    Depreciations Management

    Suppliers Management

    Manufacturers Management

    Categories Management

    Models Management

    Status Labels Management

    Approval Process Management

    Custom Field Management

    Approval Process Management

    Permission Management


    This feature integrates with the HR Records module