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HR - Human Resource Records Module


PixiCRM HR Records is a human resource records system. The primary function is to provide a central database containing records for all employees past and present. Human resource records refers to the information documents utilized by an organization to carry out its functions. It represents the memory of the organization. The records provide information about the organization which is maintained in tangible form i.e. written, pictorial, charts etc.


They are therefore tan­gible evidence of the activities of the organization. Personnel records provide informa­tion about the position of HR in the organization e.g. – records relating to training, per­formance, absenteeism, wages and salary, labor turnover, productivity, morale sur­veys, job satisfaction, social security, em­ployee welfare etc.


Screenshots of Live Application:


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  • Dashboard: Staff ratio by departments, Staff ratio by jobs, Staff ratio by age groups, Ratio of changes in staff by seniority, Staff status by months, Birthdays of the month,...

  • Job Description Groups Management

  • Job Descriptions Management

  • Company Organizational Chart

  • Onboarding Management

  • HR Records Management

  • Training Management

  • Contracts Management

  • Dependents Management

  • Layoff Management

  • Q&A and Company Policy Management

  • HR Reports:

    1. Laying off staffs

    2. The staff list has salary changes

    3. Ratio of changes in staff by seniority

    4. Ratio of changes in staff by month

    5. Personnel qualifications by department

  • Settings:

    1. Contract Type Management

    2. Salary Type Management

    3. Allowance Type Management

    4. Layoff Checklist Management

    5. Type of Training Management

    6. Onboarding Template Management

    7. Workplace Management

    8. Contract Template Management

    9. Permission Management

    10. General Settings

  • My Profile:

    1. Detailed Profile

    2. My Contracts

    3. My Dependent Persons

    4. My Trainings

    5. My Projects

    6. My Pay slips: This feature integrates with the HR Payroll Management module

    7. My Assets: This feature integrates with the Fixed Equipment Management module

    8. My File Attachments

  • Integration:

    1. Recruitment Management for PixiCRM

    2. Timesheets and Leave Management for PixiCRM

    3. HR Payroll for PixiCRM

    4. Fixed Equipment Management for PixiCRM

    5. OKRs – Objectives and Key Results for PixiCRM

    6. Inventory Management for PixiCRM

    7. Purchase Management for PixiCRM



100% Secured Databases

PixiCRM use most secured anti-hack procedures to maintain the databases of our clients

Database Back-Ups

PixiCRM layered secured servers maintain AUTO WEEKLY Backups. another layer for Data security


We always use layered system, call application and databases from two different servers in a time.