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Human Resource hr payroll module - PixiCRM


Human Resource HR Payroll Module for ERP allows you to pay your employees quickly and correctly every time you run payroll. The right system can shave hours off your payroll process, help you pay payroll taxes, and comply with labor laws.





Screenshots of Live Application:


key features:

Module Features

  1. Employee Profile Management

  2. Attendance Information Management

  3. Commission Information Management

  4. Salary Deductions

  5. KPI Bonus

  6. Insurance Management

  7. Income Taxes Management

  8. Payslip Template Management

  9. Payslips Management

  10. Settings:

    • Income Tax Rates

    • Income Tax Rebates

    • Earnings List

    • Salary Deductions List

    • Insurance List

    • Payroll Columns Management

    • Data Integration

    • Permissions Management

  11. Report:

    • Payroll Report

    • Income Summary Report

    • Insurance Cost Summary Report

    • Payroll Overview (Chart)

    • Payroll Department Overview (Chart)

  12. Integration: master data can be imported from data files or can be synchronized with modules

    • HR Records module for PixiCRM

    • Timesheets and Leave Management for PixiCRM

    • Sales Commission Program for PixiCRM

    • Accounting and Bookkeeping module for PixiCRM

100% Secured Databases

PixiCRM use most secured anti-hack procedures to maintain the databases of our clients

Database Back-Ups

PixiCRM layered secured servers maintain AUTO WEEKLY Backups. another layer for Data security


We always use layered system, call application and databases from two different servers in a time.